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Schantz Opus 918 complete pipe organ fully operational!  $70,000 obo

The College administration has decided to sell the 1969 3 manual and 46 rank pipe organ. OE is handling the sale for the college.

This is the Schantz instrument that was sampled by Organ Expressions.

download the PDF of pictures and measurements

The organ is working and ready to be removed.

Contact gary@organexpressions.com   for more information


Allen  920  MOS1 digital theater organ parts

The 920 is a three manual, three computer, six channel organ.  All the boards are available for purchase.  We won't bother with pricing each piece, just email us with an offer.  You might be surprised at our low pricing structure.    For pictures click here.

2-  remote card reader boards  904-5427

1-  Capture System 921-2474D

Power Supplies   four different units

3-  keyboard array boards  904-5396-10

3-  4 phase clock card reader boards  

6-  300 series tremulant assemblies

2- remote pedal keyers   904-5413

6- remote manual keyers  904-5410

1- reiterator assembly  904-5466

3-  DAC-2


2- Assembly  904-5437

3- stopboard array  904-5398

3- tremulant gates  904-5421

2-  sub octave assemblies  904-5466-1

1-  MOS1 computer  A356

1- MOS1 computer  A357

1- MOS1 computer  A356sp

6- single channel amplifiers

6- antiphonal relays




Saville - 32 note AGO pedal board with magnetic switches  $100.  

Orgatron - 32 note (non-ago) pedal board, no switches short and light   $50

Allen - 32 note AGO pedal board with magnets and reed switch panel  $100

Hammond - 25 note flat pedal board, no switches  $50


Hammond  JR20  tone cabinet   Large amplified speaker cabinet with vertical spring reverb system.  Amplifier is in place and was missing several vacuum tubes. I was able to supply all the needed tubes so it is now completed, but untested.  Sold AS-IS. $40.00 obo 


Wood core manuals with pistons  two 61 key manuals harvested from a mid 60's Allen. Includes 12 switch connections on each manual with working selenoids. Everything in good shape with much life left in the keys.   It is very heavy local pick up only.  $150.00 obo  


Hammond Model M (m2, m3)  run motor with clutch and vibrato scanner.  Removed from an organ that would run, but had switching and electronic issues.  Sold AS-IS due to age.    $40.00  


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