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For larger sized rooms, the Sonority speakers are the loudspeaker of choice. Designed with the intent of reproducing the 16' - 1' ranks in smaller applications or the 8' - 1' ranks in larger venues.   These premium units can also be used very effectively with sub woofers for larger instruments.

Available in several sizes.  Systems are engineered with 1" throat, 80 watt compression driver on a low directivity wave guide for the high frequencies or with large direct radiating or horn loaded ribbon drivers.  The system can be assembled using 10", 12" and 15" diameter woofers for low range frequencies. In three way arrangements a wide choice of 5", 6" and 8" mid range cones are utilized.  A precision passive crossover divides the signal into highs and lows while providing protection for  the drivers. The system can also be optioned for bi-amplification scenarios.  The wooden enclosure use a substantial venting system to reveal all the color and texture of the voices.


These two custom finished Acent speakers with matching grills were recently delivered to become part of a large EM Skinner pipe organ in the private residence of Dr. Blackstone. They will be installed inside swell chambers and used to reproduce a carillon and other percussion samples.  The smaller box is the two-way Accent 6X  and the large is the three-way Accent 10X.



This three way high output system was built for a dual channel organ in a 300 seat church.  The speakers (two 2 way, with a single sub woofer) are hidden in the baptistery chamber and reflect off a sheet rock wall to address the congregation. The large vent is located on the top of the enclosure.  The Tower Sub woofer is over 70" tall.  There was only a small foot print to accommodate setting the enclosure, but lots of height.  The two Sonority Two12 boxes are mounted 96" above the floor.



This two way system is shaped to squeeze into a corner of a 90 seat chapel. The body of the enclosures will be covered with a tan grill fabric that will be stapled to the rear of the cabinet.  (Note the high frequency volume control inset into the terminal cup.)

product cut sheet

Key Benefits

  • Robust design scaling
  • Designed for wide dispersion
  • Accurate attack to reveal quickness of speech
  • Titanium diaphragm on compression driver
  • substantial venting systems
  • Voiced for premium color and texture of voices
  • High frequency volume level control
  • Custom veneers and grill assemblies available
  • Precision passive crossovers
  • Bi-amplification option available
  • Optional reinforced suspension points for flying
  • Five year warrantee
  • Deluxe version includes grill frame and black grill fabric


All Sonority enclosures are customized for each project and so must be priced individually.  Contact us to begin the conversation about your instrument's installation or upgrade.

US purchases  may be made via personal check or PayPal. All transactions must clear the bank prior to product being delivered.  Please email gary@organexpressions with your desires and contact information.  We will respond ASAP. 

 Missouri residents add 5.45% sales tax.














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