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Pedal Arrangements


Resonance 15" pedal division speaker  without grill

Resonance is a speaker range specifically designed to reproduce the ranks in the pedal division with power and character.   These designs are applicable for instruments  that can provide dedicated outputs for the pedal division or for individual pedal ranks.  Resonance is an excellent choice for adding digital ranks to a pipe organ installation. 

The R-15 system includes a 15"  500 watt high compliance woofer and a 6"  75 watt mid range driver in a specialized tuned and voiced enclosure.  The R-10 includes two 10" 300 watt high compliance woofers and a pair of 5" 60 watt mid range drivers. These systems use a passive crossover for the 6" mid range driver,  but the woofers connects directly to the amplifier to accommodate the maximum damping available from the circuit. Heavy gauge wire is highly recommended. These combined elements improves the speech and release for all organ tones. The larger wooden enclosures use the LDAC (low diffraction acoustically coupled) venting system to reveal all the color and texture of the voices.  The systems designed to fit into tight places use a manifold venting scheme that maintains a smooth response through each octave.


product cut sheet

Key Benefits

  • Robust design scaling
  • Two-way system with passive crossover
  • Voiced for premium color and texture of pedal voices
  • Mid frequency volume level control
  • Expression gray paint on basic units
  • Custom veneers and grill assemblies available
  • Five year warrantee
  • Deluxe version includes grill frame and black grill fabric


Description   Price
Resonance 15   $ 800.00 USD
Resonance 15 Deluxe       $ 860.00 USD
Resonance 10    $900.00 USD
Resonance 10 Deluxe   $960.00 USD
Resonance  Custom         email

shipping shall be added to the invoice 

US purchases  may be made via personal check or PayPal.  Please email gary@organexpressions with your desires and contact information.  We will respond ASAP. 

 Missouri residents add 5.2% sales tax.














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