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Accent Series

Accent 6 (cherry)

For residential installations,  antiphonal divisions, or rank by rank amplification, the Accent models are the principle choice in loudspeakers.  The 2 way units should be used with sub woofers for larger instruments.  The 3 way principle units work well even with the boldest of 16' ranks.

The Accent 6 is a two -way system includes a 6" ribbon driver for the high frequencies and a 6",  150 watt woofer for low and mid range frequencies.  A precision, high wattage passive crossover divides the signal into highs and lows while providing protection for  the drivers.  The enclosure is precision tuned to accent the tonality and maximize the output.

The Accent 10 is a three way system includes a 1.5" ribbon driver for the high frequencies, a 6", 150 watt woofer for mid range frequencies and a 10" high compliance woofer for low frequencies.   A precision, high wattage passive crossover divides the signal into three regions while providing protection for the drivers.  The elaborate enclosure is precision tuned to release all the energy of the instrument.

Accent Bass employs a parallel, dual-tuned bandpass cabinet design that raises low frequency efficiency and establishes the power and authority pedal stops produce. 


Accent 6 product cut sheet

Accent 10 product cut sheet

Accent Bass product cut sheet

Key Benefits

  • Modest sizing with a big sound
  • Ribbon driver for unhindered openness of speech
  • Accurate attack to reveal quickness of speech
  • Excellent for divisional reproduction in various systems
  • Excellent for rank by rank reproduction in larger systems
  • Black fabric grill included
  • Two finished veneers available for Accent 6 (cherry, piano black)
  • Five  year warrantee 


Description   Price
Accent 6      $490.00
Accent 10   gray paint  $880.00
Accent Bass     gray paint $750.00

shipping shall be added to the invoice 

US purchases  may be made via personal check or PayPal.  Please email gary@organexpressions with your desires and contact information.  We will respond ASAP. 

 Missouri residents add 5.45% sales tax.













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