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Everett Orgatron

Combination Action

Pedal Arrangements



We cannot accept orders for new speakers at this time.  The workshop is at full capacity.

We would not be able to fulfill your order in a timely manner.  Check back for future updates.

Speaker Systems for the Organ

"Helping You Sound Your Best"

All the Organ Expressions' Speaker designs are the result of over five years of dedicated research and development by Gary Jordan of Organ Expressions  in Joplin,  Missouri and Gary Lavengood of  Concert Systems LLC of South Bend, Indiana.  The objective was to developed speakers specifically tailored to give the most musical voice to digital pipe organ sounds.  Consideration has been given to scale and application for  both residence and public venue installations.  Improvements are being made all the time.  



Dedicated pedal division systems



Premium "made to order" 

two and three-way speakers

for instruments in larger rooms.




Custom sub woofer systems
can be prepared to meet the need 
in restrictive architectural spaces.




Concert Systems LLC has been building custom speaker systems for homes, studios, stages and musicians since the early 70's.  Their designs use a wide variety of transducers from a large group of manufactures.  This option allows them to combine the best elements from many sources. Quality components and professional practices are the key elements in every speaker they build. 

Hear the difference between factory speakers and an OE custom speaker package.

  OE Audio Demonstration

  Please listen on high quality speakers or headphones to better appreciate the improvement in the organ's sonority. These selections were recorded with professional equipment in an average sized living room.

 The following selections were recorded with professional equipment on location. All MP3 demonstrations are 320 kbs in 16 bit, 44.1kHz.

Additional Audio Demonstrations

"Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen"

Baldwin  digital organ with Sonority 12 mid/high speakers and custom sub woofers.


MIDItzer virtual organ with Accent mid/high speakers and Doppel bass sub woofer.

CLAIM -- All Organ Expression's offerings are premium products.  This includes all the choices for loudspeaker systems.  Inexpensive, off the shelf speakers are available from any mail order box shop.  Premium Organ Expressions speaker systems designed specifically for organ reproduction are only available from Jordan Media Enterprises LLC,  and Concert Systems LLC.  

OPTIONS --Oh, the possibilities are almost endless.  Some organ installations will simply use a  pair of speakers with a single sub woofer.  Other organ systems will use a pair of speakers and a pair of sub woofers for each division in the organ (great, swell, pedal, etc.)  Still more elaborate arrangements will use one, two or three speakers and perhaps a sub woofer for each rank in a sample set with specialized speakers for pedal ranks.  Organ Expressions can work to assist you in assembling your ultimate speaker arrangement for your organ installation.

Organ music often has sustained tones at high volumes and in several octaves with intense harmonic structures all at the same time. All OE speaker elements are specifically selected for their ability to deliver extremely low distortion with high power capacity. 

Traditional home stereo speakers are not designed with the idea of reproducing the highly complex organ sounds. The sensitive microphones used to sample the nuances of real organ pipes require a speaker system that can clearly present these refined tones with power, integrity and precision.

CROSSOVERS -- The passive filters that divide a full-range audio signal into separate regions to be fed to tweeters and woofers - are constructed of the very best separate components - air-core inductors,  precision film and foil bypass caps,  and close tolerance resistors.  They utilize various sloped filters that allow each driver to operate  within its optimized frequency range.

WARRANTEE --  Organ Expressions warrants that loudspeaker enclosures will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the period of five years from the date of sale to the original owner unless noted otherwise.

Please call before returning any item to help determine the exact cause of the problem and provide a suitable and timely solution. Organ Expressions and Concerts Systems is not responsible for any product failure that is the result of abuse, improper operation, improper installation, accidents or Acts of God. Damage that occurs during shipment is the responsibility of the carrier. 













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