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Schantz Opus 918v2


1969 - 3/53 American Classic Organ

Several additions have been made to this VPO :

6 rank Antiphonal division - handbells - chysoglott - 16' choir rank - 8' great reed

fully implemented winding models - improved voicing

Chysoglott   and   Handbells

The following selections were performed by Keys61 on Contrabombard.com

using the Schantz Opus 918 sample set

"Angels We Have Heard On High"               "Revival Medley"

"Sing We Now of Christmas/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"


These selections were performed by Organ Expressions



Demo recordings have convolution reverb added to some files.

"The Revival Medley"       "Cantabile" 

The great and pedal organs are unenclosed. The swell, choir and antiphonal organs are under expression.  The pedal division has a complete Principal chorus - 16, 8, 4 and Mixture iii with no borrowing.  The six rank antiphonal division can be coupled to any manual.

The organ has been recorded note for note and virtually assembled in the same fashion with the ODF.   We have included the sfortzondo piston and the crescendo pedal.  

The 24 note Deagan chimes are very nice. They are playable from the great manual at mezzo forte (MF) and from the choir manual at fortissimo  (FF) while being under expression.  The antiphonal division includes 36 handbells.  The choir division now includes a chrysoglott (harp.) We have moved the Festival Trumpet to the antiphonal division so it be available from any manual.

Studio processing included seamless looping of each pipe sample (note by note), and critical noise reduction artistry to reduce the  rumble created by the blower. Natural releases of each note were recorded and included for the best possible realism.  The organ has a bright and open quality that can be voiced in Hauptwerk to accommodate your speaker system and room. This is a "dry" sample set and requires either a large room or artificial reverb to make the best presentation.

The Ozark Christian College chapel building began construction in 1965. It has a seating capacity of 1100.  It was not originally planned to have a pipe organ, but a generous donation from the Philips Foundation given during construction made Opus 918 possible. The organ's purchase price was $70,000.  The upper areas of the platform were dramatically redesigned and reconstructed to accommodate 46 ranks in four divisions.  The pipes are positioned in tall chambers.  None of pipes needed to be mitered. All the pipe work is behind acoustically transparent grill fabric.


The 24 bit,  48k stereo samples are recorded in Mid/Side stereo,  chimes are recorded in mono.  The sample files require 2.4 gig of memory.    The samples are recorded dry,  additional reverberation is recommended for proper presentation in smaller rooms.

left jam            right jam


The samples and the organ definition file (ODF) are delivered via  DVD disc.  The 3/53 rank sample set is compatible only with the advanced and basic versions of Hauptwerk ver 4.2.    Requirements and Limitations   Samples are protected within Hauptwerk.  No editing to the dongle is required.

The full 3 manual  53 rank instrument OPUS 918v2.


16  Gemshorn                   # 12

8    Principal                      L 61

8    Hohl Flote                    L 61

8    Gemshorn                   L 61

4    Octave                        R 61

4    Flute Harmonique        R 61

2    Super Octave             R  61

IV   Fourniture                  R 244

III    Scharff                     R 183

8'    Orchestral Oboe             61

      Chimes MF                    24



      Couplers  16 / 8 off / 4


Swell to Great 16/8/4

Choir to Great 16/8/4

Swell to Choir 16/8/4











16   Rohr Borden               # 12

8     Rohr Flote                  * 61

8     Viola                          * 61

8     Viola Celest  t.c.          *49

4     Principal                    **61

4     Flute Conique              *61

2     Flautino                      *12

1 1/3    Quinte                   ** 61

IV     Plein Jeu                   183

16    Bassoon                  # *61

8      Trompette                ** 61

8      Oboe                       ** 61

4      Clarion                     ** 61


         Couplers  16 / 8 off / 4


    # - Offset chests

    * - lower chests

   **-upper chests

   L - left chest unenclosed

   R- right chest unenclosed





16' Lieblich Gedeckt            61

8   Holz Gadeckt                *61

8   Erzahler                        *61

8   Erzahler Celeste t.c.      *49

4   Nachthorn                     *61

2 2/3    Nasard                  **61

2   Waldflote                     **61

1 3/5    Tierce                    **61

1 1/3    Larigot                  ** 61

III   Zymbel                       **183

8   Krummhorn                   *61

4    Rohr Schalmei            **61

Chysoglott                          48

      Chimes  FF                   24


      Couplers  16 / 8 off / 4  


ANTIPHONAL (floating)

8'  Geigan principal             61

8' Stopped Flute                 61

8' Vox Angelica                  61

4'  Geigan Principal            12

4'  Harmonic Flute              61

2'  Piccolo                         61

8    Festival Trompette       61

Handbells                          36



32  Resultant

16  Principal                     # 32

16  Sub-bass                    # 32

16  Gemshorn                    (G)

16  Rohr Bordon                 (S)

8    Octave                       L 32

8    Flute                          L 12

8    Gemshorn                    (G)

8    Rohr Flote                    (S)

4    Super Octave             L  32

4    Flute                          L 32

4    Rohr Flote                    (S)

2    Nachthorn                    (C)

III    Mixture                      L  96

16  Bombarde                   # 32

16  Bassoon                      (S)

8    Trompette                   L 12

8    Bassoon                      (S)

4    Clarion                        L 12

4    Bassoon                      (S)

4    Krummhorn                  (C)

       Couplers   S / G / C





The chamber layout is very straightforward.  The great and pedal organs are positioned in the center rear of the platform about 10 above the stage floor with two large chests and several offset chests.  The swell chamber is to the west at a 30 degree angle to the great with two chests placed one above the other and two offset chests.  The choir chamber is to the east at a 30 degree angle to the great with two chests placed one above the other.  The chimes are located at the rear of  in the choir chamber. 

Compass of each manual: 61 notes C to C
Compass of pedal board: 32 notes C to G
Tuning: A=440 Hz  Equal Temperament .


A couple of demonstrations of Opus 918 recorded by Willis Harrison a few week before his death in 1997.  These were recorded with the same microphone used for the virtual organ samples.


We found these pictures in the achieve at the college from the day the organ was delivered to the chapel building.

This is Professor Willis Harrison bringing in a 16' Principal pipe for the pedal division.  Students, faculty and administrators helped to unload the Schantz trucks.

    Some kind words:

"Just installed the new Schantz. It sounds beautiful, especially the Holz Gadeckt. Thank you for a fine instrument. Sincerely, JHC"  Archer, Florida, USA

"Because I felt awash in unused sample sets, I vowed no more purchases unless a high quality wet Skinner became available. I saw the announcement from Organ Expressions about the newly released Schantz. Here in Ohio many of the mid sized churches have Schantz or Moeller.  More from nostalgia than preference, I thought I'd try the Schantz as the price was low. I find the Schantz has some fine stops. The stops on the great manual are excellent - the principals surpassing the Skinner and the flutes are clear and melodic. The great also has a tremulant, which adds to a lot of flexibility.  Many of the pedal stops are borrowed, but the power stop specifications permit a wide gamut of voices without the necessity of coupling manual stops."  JH  Milford Center, Ohio, USA

See the details for the 2 manual 23 rank instrument.  


available soon Price
Schantz 918b upgrade download only

$ 50.00  USD

Schantz 918b  download      $ 200.00  USD
Schantz 918b DVD rom

$ 220.00  USD

Schantz 918b USB jumpdrive

$ 220.00  USD

US Purchases  may be made via PayPal or personal check. Checks must clear the bank prior to the product being delivered.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com with your desires and your address, and we will respond with an invoice. Priority Mail shipping included with US sales.

 Missouri residents add 5.45% sales tax.

International purchases may be made via PayPal.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com with your desires and shipping address and we will respond with an invoice. 

visit the builder's website - SCHANTZ














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