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Schantz Chapel

2/23 American Classic Organ 

The great, pedal and swell organs are under expression in two chambers. The Schantz Chapel is a 2 manual with pedal arrangement that is a reduction from the 3/46 Opus 918 organ built in 1969.  With three 16' ranks, two mutations,  three reeds and one 4 rank mixture, the specification is very  full and expressive. We have included a 24 note  Deagan chime rank. This is a straight organ with a unified Rohrbourdon (16' and 8'), Viola (8' and 4') and Flute Conique (4' and 2') in the Swell division, and a few borrowed stops in the pedal division. 

The organ has been recorded note for note and virtually assembled with the ODF.   The combination action includes five divisional presets and five general presets. for a total of 20.  Two expression shoes control shades on the great and swell chambers.  The pedal rank has been placed in the great chamber.

24 bit,  48k stereo samples, pipes recorded in Mid/Side stereo,  percussions recorded in mono.  The sample files require 1.2 gig of memory (estimate.)    The samples are recorded dry,  additional reverberation is recommended for proper presentation in smaller rooms.  These are the same samples used in the 3/46 version of the virtual organ.  No compromises have been made to the fidelity of the organ.

Studio processing included seamless looping of each pipe sample (note by note), and critical noise reduction artistry to reduce the  rumble created by the blower. Natural releases of each note were recorded and included for the best possible realism.  The organ has a bright and open quality that can be voiced in Hauptwerk to accommodate your speaker system and room.

The samples and the organ definition file (ODF) are delivered via  DVD disc.  This sample set is compatible with the advanced, basic and free versions of Hauptwerk.    Requirements and Limitations

Compass of each manual: 61 notes C to C
Compass of pedal board: 32 notes C to G
Tuning: A=440 Hz  Equal Temperament .

16    Gemshorn  

8    Principal    

8'    Holz Gedeckt                   

8    Gemshorn                 

4    Octave                      

4    Flute Harmonique      

2    Super octave               

2    Waldfloete

1 1/3'  Larigot

IV   Plein Jeu

8    Trompette   

      Chimes      24



      Couplers  16 /  4

Swell to Great 16/8/4


16   Rohrbourden    (12)       

8     Rohrbourden           

8     Viola                      

8     viola Celest  t.c.         

4     Flute Conique            

4     Viola    (12)

2 2/3'  Nazard

2     Flute    (12)                 

8'       Krummhorn             

4      Clarion                   


         Couplers  16 / 8 off / 4




16  Principal

16  Rohrbourdon   (S)  

16' Gemshorn  (G)

8    Octave  (12)           

8    Rohrfloete   (S)

8'    Gemshorn   (G)       

4    Octave  (G)

4    Flute     (S)

      Swell to Pedal 8'

      Great to Pedal 8'

two swell shoes

5 general pistons

5 swell pistons

5 great pistons

5 pedal pistons






Schantz Chapel 2 man 23 rank download

 $ 90.00  USD

Schantz Chapel  2 man 23 rank DVDrom      $ 100.00  USD
Schantz Chapel 2 man 23 rank USB jumpdrive

$ 100.00  USD

Schantz 918b 3 man 53 rank download

$200.00  USD

Schanz 918b 3 man 53 rank DVDrom

$210.00  USD

Schantz 918b 3 man 53 rank USB jumpdrive

$210.00  USD


US Purchases  may be made via PayPal or personal check. Checks must clear the bank prior to the product being delivered.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com with your desires and your address, and we will respond with an invoice. Priority Mail shipping included with US sales.

 Missouri residents add 5.45% sales tax.

International purchases may be made via PayPal.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com  














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