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Estey Style "T"    2/10 reed organ

Built in Brattleboro, Vermont in the mid 20's, this little beauty was restored in 1976.  It now enhances a home, where it is really appreciated. Like most American reed organs, this one works on suction rather than pressure.  Estey built over half a million reed organs including hundreds of these 2 manual instruments in various arrangements.  The Style T is one of the most popular versions.

In includes two  61 note manuals and 30 pedals.  The ten ranks span 16', 8' and 4'.  A single expression pedal operates swell shades. A fan tremolo provides a subtle musical enhancement.  

The organ has been recorded note for note and virtually assembled in the same fashion with the ODF.  The ranks were recorded both straight and with tremolo (with the exception of the 16' pedal ranks and the viox celeste.)  We have included the great to great 4' coupler and the swell to great 8' coupler.

24 bit,  48k stereo samples, sounds recorded in MidSide stereo for the dry version.  The sample files require 1.6 gig of memory.   The samples are recorded dry,  additional reverberation is recommended for proper presentation in smaller rooms. 

The samples (1100) and the ODF are delivered via DVD ROM disc.  This sample set is compatible with the advanced, basic and free versions of Hauptwerk.    Requirements and Limitations

Compass of each manual: 61 notes C to C
Compass of pedal board: 30 notes C to E
Tuning: A=440 Hz  Equal Temperament

"This is a great first organ because you can learn a lot from registering and playing so few stops, especially octave and manual couplers."  I. Arnstein  (USA)


Choose a link below to hear a demonstration recorded during the sampling sessions.

Mendelson's "Consolation"

"There's A Song In The Air" 

Choose a link below to hear a demonstration recorded with the virtual instrument

"Jubilo"    wet     dry

"When Johnny Comes Marching Home"   wet   dry

check out user selections posted on ContreBombarde


16 Clarinet    61

8 Diapason   61

 8 Trumpet     61  

8 Dulciana     61        

Great 4 coupler 

Swell to Great 8 coupler                   


 8 Viox Celeste    61

 8 Salicional         61   

8 Oboe                 61

 4 Flute                 61




16 Bourdon        30  

16 Dulciana       30

 Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal




Description   Price
Estey Style T


$ 50.00 USD
Estey Style T

DVD rom

$ 60.00 USD
Estey Style T

USB jumpdrive 

$ 60.00 USD

US Purchases  may be made via PayPal or personal check. Checks must clear the bank prior to the product being delivered.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com with your desires and your address, and we will respond with an invoice. Priority Mail shipping included with US sales.

 Missouri residents add 5.45% sales tax.

International purchases may be made via PayPal.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com with your shipping address and desires and we will respond with an invoice. 

These are the bellows inside the Estey Style T reed organ.  The handle on the side of the console allows a person to power the instrument manually.  A very strong machine that moves 4 separate bellows continuously.

This picture was taken during the recording session.  You see the stereo microphone is positioned directly overhead the head of the organist.   Samples were recorded with the swell shades open.













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