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Geo. Kilgen and Sons Opus 7191       2/20 Virtual Pipe Organ

This Geo. Kilgen and Sons, Opus 7191 organ is located in Coffeyville, Kansas at the First United Methodist Church.  In 1988 an regional organ builder updated the instrument with a solid state relay,  new stand alone console, a three rank mixture and an 8' pedal trumpet rank.  All other parts of the organ are original.  This is now a two manual, 20 rank instrument.

Both the great and the swell organs are under expression.  The pedal organ is unenclosed and placed between the two chambers. 

The replacement console installed in 1988 has draw knobs and sets to the left of the choir loft.  The original console was built into the facade and utilized stop tabs.  We have chosen to include five divisional presets and five general presets for a total of 20 pistons.

The organ has been recorded note for note and virtually assembled in the same fashion with the ODF.   Natural releases of each note were recorded and included for the best possible realism.  We have added the 25 note chime samples.  

24 bit,  48K samples, pipes recorded in Mid/Side stereo, chimes recorded in mono.  The sample files require 1.2 gig of memory.  The samples are recorded dry,  additional reverberation is recommended for proper presentation in smaller rooms. 

The samples (1120) and the organ definition file (ODF) are delivered via DVD.  This sample set is compatible with the advanced, basic and free versions of Hauptwerk.    Requirements and Limitations

Compass of each manual: 61 notes C to C
Compass of pedal board: 32 notes C to G
Tuning: A=440 Hz  Equal Temperament .

Choose a link below to hear a demonstration.

Healy Willan's "Angel Song"  performance by fourniture_iv

Borodin's "Strangers"

mp3's processed with convolution reverb

8'   Principal       61

8'   Hohlflute       61

8'   Dulciana       61

8'   Trumpet       61

4'   Principal       61

*Mixture III       183

Chimes      24

Swell to Great 8'

Swell to Great 4'





8'   Geigen Principal       73

16'   Lieblich Gedeckt       73

8'   Stopped Flute       61

8'   Salicional       61

8'   Salicional Celeste  TC       49

8'   Oboe       61

4' Geigen Principal

4'   Harmonic Flute       61

2'   Piccolo       61

2 2 /3'   Nazard       61

Swell to Swell 16'

Swell to Swell off

Swell to Swell 4' 


16'   Bourdon       32

16'   Open Diapason       32

*8'   Trumpet       32

8' Principal (gt)

8' Flute (sw)

Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal






"The Kilgen OPUS 7191 Sample Set is very satisfying. While exploring the individual pipes and stops, the sound is amazing. 

The speech and depth of the 16 ft Pedal Bourdon, the 16 ft Open Diapason, big deep and breathy. The Manual Diapasons possess that Rich Metallic Classic organ tone that as a small boy drew me the sound of the Pipe Organ, long time ago now. 
I am still exploring the options available."    Regards, R. Quinn, Tasmania

"I have received and installed the Kilgen. It's a nice piece of Americana; instruments like this were the backbone of many American churches. Playing this virtual organ takes me back to the summer many years ago that a friend and I drove around central Illinois stopping at churches and talking our way into playing organs.  I really enjoy this organ. There is a very comfortable "sound" that I find quite appropriate for service playing in the traditional church."   fourniture_vi   United States

Sample set review by Dieter Thomsen of Orgelbits  It includes -  "is absolutely no reason to rümpfen the nose because the Opus number 7191: the Kilgen organ is a serial product of industry, can compete well as a sample set of other, custom machined model organs."  The website text has been translated from German.


Kilgen 7191       download      $ 50.00   USD
Kilgen 7191 DVDrom

$ 60.00   USD

Kilgen 7191 USB jumpdrive

$ 60.00   USD

US Purchases  may be made via PayPal or personal check. Checks must clear the bank prior to the product being delivered.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com with your desires and your address, and we will respond with an invoice. Priority Mail shipping included with US sales.

 Missouri residents add 5.45% sales tax.

International purchases may be made via PayPal.  Please email gary@jordanaudio.com with your desires and shipping address and we will respond with an invoice. 













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