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Regal Chorus



Style T












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 Regal Chorus     



Kilgen    2/20  Opus 7191




Moller       2/15  Opus 8060  




Schantz    3/46  Opus 918




  Estey     Style T Reed Organ


Schantz  2/23 Chapel



Organ Expression sample sets are prepared for use with the Hauptwerk  virtual pipe organ software system.

All the Organ Expressions samples of pipe organs are captured  by recording engineer (and organist) Gary Jordan using professional quality equipment. The microphone used for all organs, is a Neumann  SM69 large diaphragm, vacuum tube, coincidental stereo unit, with variable pattern control. (Yes, it is a mouthful.) The recordings are processed in the studio of Jordan's Stormy Banks Productions  using only professional equipment.  Care has been taken to ensure the cleanest, most accurate and musical samples possible.

  • 24 bit,  48K stereo samples 
  • pipes recorded in the MS stereo format
  • note for note samples
  • 3.5 to 5 second samples
  • each pipe sample has three discrete loops
  • efficient virtual screen representations
  • configuration files  for Hauptwerk  software


MS or Mid/Side stereo is a method of making stereo recordings with two microphones that have different pick up patterns that are coincidentally  positioned.  You can learn more about the MS microphone technique with this white paper.

All sample sets are recorded within a few feet (5' to 8') of the pipes, inside swell chambers when necessary, to maximize the stereo imaging.  This is especially nice with dichromatic arrangements. We work to find one microphone position above each pipe chest to properly capture each rank in relation to the others in the division.  Quality reverbs are recommended to aid in bringing proper room ambiance to the organ.  Dedicated ambience amplifiers and speakers are high recommended.  You can learn more about digital reverberation systems.

"Your samples absolutely blew me away!!!! The reed voices on both your organs are so rich and pure.  I just played several song/hymns using them.  Both organs give a very full sound."   (Kilgen 7191 and Moller 8060)   Glen M.  Canada

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