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Regal Chorus



Style T












Everett Orgatron

Combination Action

Pedal Arrangements





Jordan Audio Consultants
Founded in 1992 as a service to assist churches and schools with their multi media systems.  Specializing in performance oriented sound reinforcement,  video projection and platform lighting needs. All services provided without the influence of selling equipment.
Concert Systems
Building proprietary loudspeakers for music creation, sound reinforcement installation, and tour applications. 
Organ Historical Society
The OHS serves the musical world by helping to preserve and document the full spectrum of American organ building heritage. 
American Guild of Organists
The AGO  promotes the organ in its historic and evolving roles, to encourage excellence in the performance of organ and choral music, and to provide a forum for mutual support, inspiration, education, and certification of Guild members.
American Theatre Organ Society
The ATOS is the international leader dedicated to pursuing a positive difference in conserving and promoting the theatre pipe organ and its music, preserving original instruments where possible, and supporting local chapters in their activities.
        Reed Organ Society
Is an international, non-profit organizastion devoted to the appreciation, study, collection, restoration and preservation of reed organs. 
The Cadillac of Virtual Pipe Organs. 
A VPO based upon a Java Script, open source software.
The free VPO of Wurlitzer theatre organs. 
Open Source VPO system for Windows and Linux 
South Africa Virtual Pipe Organ Project
Resources for several VPO packages. 
Synergetic Audio Concepts
Syn-Aud-Con is devoted to providing practical, in-depth training seminars on the principles of audio and acoustics.
Maker of DUET a 3/24 digital add on to MIDI consoles. 
Jordan's Stormy Banks Productions
Founded in 1988 as a custom production house for live and recorded music.  With a studio in Joplin, Missouri, many types of instrumental and vocal music are created.
Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
        An online resource of organ stop descriptions. 

    Organ Supply Industries

                    Supply house for various organ components.


      The Diapason Magazine

                     Pipe organ journal since 1909.

                    An online pipe organ broadcast. 

OrganMaster Shoes

                    Shoes for pedal work for both men and women.

The Pipe Organ web ring

                    Pipe organ sites linked and web tour.

The Church Organ Trader

                    Classifieds for used organs and parts.

Theatre Organ Home Page

                    Classifieds for used organs and parts.

Artisan Organs

                    Organ control systems and digital sample generation.

Classic MIDI Works

                    MIDI console parts and pieces.


CURIOSITY - The Everett Orgatron

                    An early American electronic organ.

CURIOSITY - Combination Action

                    A Wicks electro mechanical combination machine.

CURIOSITY - Various Pedal Arrangements

                    A common point of annoyance with organists.













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