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Everett Orgatron

Combination Action

Pedal Arrangements



Everett Orgatron

South Haven, Michigan

Electrostatic electronic church organ

A unique American original.  Since it was difficult for early engineers to develop a cost effective oscillating circuit that was stable, the team at Everett chose to use a "free reed" vibrating with an induction pickup to create a stable oscillation.  This electrical signal (not the sound of the reed) was then voiced and amplified to create the tones of an organ.   Very clever.   and Very heavy.

There is little information on the internet about the Everett Orgatron.   View this very large page for a lot more pictures inside and out.  ORGATRON PICS


 Unfortunately this one ended up in pieces at the dump.  I was able to get the 32 note pedal board, even though it is not AGO spec.












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