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Wicks Combination Action

This solid state and mechanical combination action is fascinating.  The minds that put this together, and used power transistors to operate as switches is brilliant.  Using the Wicks patented direct electric action elements, this system programs and stores combinations.  The electro mechanical devices move two aspects of the matrix of contactors to "store" and "recall" stop combinations when a piston is pressed from the console.  This unit controlled a 45 stop organ with 40 presets.

below - Close up of the stops side - each of the nine magnets represents one stop on the pedal division   When the stops are chosen the magnets pull forward - when the setter button is pressed the rear magnet moves the horizontal bar up out of the way so that small brass contactors are pulled forward.  When the appropriate piston is "set" the horizontal bar moves down leaving the brass contractors in place as a mechanical memory.  Very cool.

Another curious note: GL Jordan of Organ Expressions is now the organist for a congregation who has a Wicks pipe organ that uses this type of combination memory for six general pistons.

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