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Regal Chorus



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Everett Orgatron

Combination Action

Pedal Arrangements




About All of Us at Organ Expressions

You can contact us via email  gary@jordanaudio.com

    Our team members have:

  • Experience  in professional audio system engineering, design, assembly and  operation.
  • Passion for the making of music that sounds its very best
  • Many years of diverse musical training - piano, organ, violin, trumpet, guitar, bass...
  • Training in acoustics, electronics, speaker design, recording, and worship arts
  • Countless hours of work in recording studios - making music and engineering sound

The Team at Organ Expressions

OE team leader  Gary Jordan  has been playing the organ at home and in church since 1979.  He brings experience from the recording studio, and more than 24 years as an audio system design engineer.  His passion is ignited by rich and tonally balanced ensembles.
OE team member Gary Lavengood started making music while in grade school and began designing and building speaker enclosures while in college.  He has spent more than 32 years breathing in saw dust.  His passion is excited by bass energy and texture.

Contact   gary@jordanaudio.com


CURIOSITY - Combination Action

                    A Wicks electro mechanical combination machine.

CURIOSITY - Various Pedal Arrangements

                    A common point of annoyance with many organists.


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