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Regal Chorus



Style T












Everett Orgatron

Combination Action

Pedal Arrangements



Computer Requirements

These sample sets have been designed to be used with Hauptwerk™ version 3.20 and above and will not work with other sound producing software. It requires a modern computer with at least 4 GB available memory and an operating system supporting Hauptwerk and large sample sets.  www.hauptwerk.com


Limitations of Use

License agreement:

This agreement defines the licensing agreement between Organ Expressions (Jordan Media Enterprises LLC.) and the user of the sample set. The sample set consists of the samples images, database and other files. It is available either as a download, a  DVD-Rom.

Organ Expressions grants the customer the perpetual right to use the sample set with Hauptwerk, the Virtual Pipe Organ software of Milan digital audio in non-commercial applications. Organ Expressions retains all rights, including all copyright and intellectual property rights, to the sample set and all copies thereof. 

Organ Expressions retains ownership of the sound samples and the computer code associated with these organs. Unauthorized duplication, copying, editing, reselling,  lending, up or down loading or other means of distribution of the samples is forbidden.   Organ Expressions reserves all rights not expressly permitted to the purchaser. The customer is allowed to make a backup copy of the distribution media as needed. However, the customer must not distribute copies of the sample set or parts thereof to third parties.

The customer may resell the sample set. In this case the customer must sign a written statement that he has has handed over the distribution media and all copies to the new owner and that he has deleted any files associated with the sample set from his computer and send this statement along with the name and address of the new owner to Organ Expressions.   gary@jordanaudio.com

The sample set comes without any warranty. Organ Expressions can not assume any liability for the use of the sample set. The customer has to take the usual precautions when evaluating the sample set, such as setting speakers to a low volume during the first tests.

Commercial Considerations:  

Any situation using the sample set, in whole or in part, for a recording to be produced for resale has three simple requirements.  First contact Organ Expressions to acquire permission.  Second give credit  for the virtual pipe organ in printed or digital media.    ie. Kilgen Opus 7191 sampled by Organ Expressions of Joplin, Missouri.  Third send a retail ready copy to Organ Expressions for review and possible promotion.   

Any situation using the sample set, in whole or in part,  be used for a public performance instrument as a a church or theatre in a non-commercial project, send a note to gary@jordanaudio.com detailing the installation.  If the instrument is a commercial venture conditions shall be pre-arranged with Organ Expressions.













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